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At Jagger, your opinions hold power,
rewards are earned, and trees are planted
for a brighter, greener future.

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Why we do it

We want to tackle “Adwaste” and infuse honesty into the $500B+ advertising industry. But we can do more.

New generations are pushing for a cleaner, greener planet when transportation is reduced. It is Jagger and Beatgrid’s duty to ensure a breathable world for future generations. At Jagger, we are dedicated to combating deforestation and global warming in developing regions. That’s why we pledge to allocate a portion of our profits to planting trees, symbolizing Beatgrid’s unwavering commitment to preserving our planet’s vital green spaces.

At Jagger, we empower consumers to earn while fostering a better advertising ecosystem and doing good. While environmental impact can be challenging to quantify, we believe most people can rally around the importance of trees and forests, which convert CO2 into Oxygen.

Our goal: plant 1 million trees in the next 5 years. Every interaction with Jagger—surveys, polls, and brand engagement—contributes to this cause, rewarding users while reinvesting our revenue into tree planting.

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Jagger's way

Jagger was designed to bring advertisers and audiences together. This is the only poll & survey app conceived for the purpose of creating a safe, transparent, and trustful digital environment. It allows you to share your advertising views while easily and passively earning rewards.

Jagger's approach

Want to earn rewards and gift cards while making the world a greener place?

In the face of the Climate Emergency, we recognize the urgent need for immediate action to safeguard our planet. Jagger is committed to challenging the conventional norms of the survey industry by giving back to local communities and prioritizing environmental conservation. Our vision at Jagger is to foster a greener world by combating deforestation and supporting communities in developing nations. Through Jagger, we strive to promote transparency and cost-efficiency in the advertising ecosystem while actively contributing to a more green and environmentally conscious planet

Who we are

It all started when Daniel Tjondronegoro and Leon van Zantvoort, two highly experienced tech industry entrepreneurs, realized there was a better way for brands to optimize their advertising efforts, to accurately reach their campaign goals and audiences. After years of studying and testing, they came up with a new app platform designed to end the advertising industry’s ‘adwaste’ by funneling advertisement money back into the intended audience.

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We believe we can reduce climate change by giving a voice to caring users like yourself.

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We make ‘opinion rewards’ a simple, trustful, and transparent contribution to the planet.

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We believe everyone should be able to make the world a better place.

Image of the Jagger best paid survey app, polls and survey rewards app of the Manifesto Survey Opinions

We use your poll & survey opinions for honest purposes.

Image of the Jagger's Manifesto Core Goal

We know that our users’ core goal is to change the world.

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We know that having a greener planet sparks joy everywhere.

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We measure our success by the number of trees we’ve planted.

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We ask you, dear user, to fire us if you ever think we’re not pulling our weight.

Image of the Jagger's Manifesto Simple Life

We’re passionate about making life simpler.

Image of the Jagger's Manifesto Creativity Dream

We feed off creativity and dreams.

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We believe that every small action has the potential to change the world.

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We want to help market research participants with reward contributions.

Jagger's Goal

Planting 1 Million Trees in the next 5 years