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Discover Jagger, the best poll and survey app

Want to Earn Rewards While Saving the Planet? Jagger Has You Covered

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be rewarded and earn gift cards just by watching your favorite shows and taking simple and fun polls and surveys?

What if we told you that there is a polls app that can do this while simultaneously helping make the planet a greener place? If you are looking for easy ways to earn rewards and help the planet, wait no more and meet Jagger.

Currently, available in Android and iOS, Jagger is here to change the market research and polls app world and to revolutionize the ways you can earn rewards and gift cards. The market research arena is rapidly changing, and you can play an active role in it.

What sets Jagger apart from other polls apps?

Jagger is one of the best ways to earn rewards and gift cards, but is this all it has for you?

News flash: It doesn’t end here. 

Jagger intends to revolutionize and transform the industry of reward apps. How? By planting trees for every survey you take. Jagger aims at combining media market research with making the planet a better place.

To fulfill this mission, we count on the indispensable support of our partner to plant trees. Get to know The Eden Project, an educational charity and one of the world’s largest greenhouses and the largest indoor rainforest, being the home for countless plant species from around the world.

Rewards, Gift Cards, Prize Draws, and… Media Research. What is Media Research?

Now that we have broken the ice with what our polls app is all about, it is time to dive deeper and understand how everything works behind the scenes.

Let’s start with Jagger’s Media Research: Put simply, this Jagger feature is what allows measuring TV, YouTube, and radio advertising exposure. It does so by using a technology called Automatic Content Recognition technology (ACR). 

This technology helps Jagger understand if you have seen or listened to a certain ad or not. It does so by exclusively identifying the jingles from the ads. This is not rocket science, it basically means that Jagger will spot, for example, a specific ad shown on your Smart TV from one of the brands working with us. 

And because an image is worth a thousand words, you can check the image with Jagger below that will help you understand how technology works:


Jagger requests your device’s microphone permission to recognize the advert you may be hearing or watching. Jagger will only identify those jingles that have previously been stored on our database. We cannot identify, save or record conversations or any other sounds – rest assured that we won’t know that you sing whenever you are alone.

Earning Gift Cards and Rewards was never easier!

By joining Jagger you will get rewarded for sharing your opinion in market research surveys, one of the easy ways to earn rewards from home, or from anywhere, to be honest.

All this is possible thanks to Jagger’s ACR technology. Media Monitoring plays a fundamental role in your whole experience with Jagger, and by allowing Media Monitoring on, you will unlock:

  • Turn on Media Research and let Jagger run passively. You won’t need to do anything – just leave it running in the background, and we will send you targeted surveys about some of the ads you might have seen or heard – Your opinion matters, as well as earning gift cards for retailers like Amazon, Spotify, Netflix, and more!
  • Boosting your earnings by participating in Prize Draws – Having Media Research on will increase your chances of being the lucky winner of our weekly prize draws.
  • Taking polls and surveys by leaving the app running in the background, you will be able to participate in multiple short surveys and polls and earn XP and coins

What do Jagger users say about us?

Getting involved in innovative market research, getting chosen to participate in surveys, and helping the planet. Are you still not convinced about what Jagger has to offer you?

Without further ado, please check some of our users’ opinions and experiences with Jagger.

Or check our reviews at Google Play Store or App Store.

What can you expect from us besides earning rewards?

Did you think that earning rewards was all we had to give you? We are moved from clear and core values that guide us in our decisions and actions:

  • Reforestation: Jagger intends to address the Climate Emergency by using part of its profit to plant trees. We measure our success by more than just profit, and we believe that each individual’s contribution to the environment should be accessible to anyone.
  • Transparency: One of Jagger’s main goals is to be open, honest, and transparent in every part of the process.
  • Trustfulness: Jagger intends to create a safe and trustful atmosphere with all its stakeholders – customers, employees, and management. We believe that creating the right impact creates a better world and makes us deliver an even more effective and top-notch solution.
image of Jagger planting a tree

We are spreading our polls app to the world - Where is Jagger available?

Just like a true leaf that travels with the wind, Jagger is moving fast and is spreading rewards, polls, prize draws and surveys in the following countries:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia

Can’t find your country? Don’t worry, we are working to reach new destinations, so keep posted and follow us on social media, so that you don’t lose any updates!

Image of Jagger mascot with the country flags around

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