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What is Zero Waste Living Lifestyle? 4 Simple Steps & Tips for Beginners

Why do we need a more Green living lifestyle, and how can Jagger help?

Important disclaimer: The following recommendations in this article are our humble suggestions. So, we kindly remind you that they should not be considered as unshakable truths but as simply a shared advice.

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The climate crisis is real and is bringing new challenges and concerns. Air and water pollution, dwindling natural resources, and water shortages are some major global issues that are making people around the world think about how we can reduce our environmental footprint and have a more green lifestyle. That’s where zero-waste living swoops in to save the day.

That said, we want to share with you that we are starting the “Zero waste living with Jagger” series, where we will be introducing detailed approaches tailored specifically for different areas of your life. In this article, we will provide you with an overview of the fundamental principles and offer practical steps to help you start your zero-waste living journey today.

What is zero-waste living?

Zero waste living is a lifestyle approach that focuses on minimizing or eliminating waste generation, thereby reducing one’s environmental impact by following the principles of the circular economy.

You may be asking, is being sustainable even possible in today’s society? Our answer is: YES. Of course, depending on your location, certain steps may be challenging to implement, however, the main goal is rethinking some of your behaviors by making conscious choices so that we lower our negative impact on the planet.

What are the main zero-waste lifestyle principles and practices?

The 5 Commandments

Now that you know what the zero-waste lifestyle is all about, it is time to get to leap into action. Please meet the five main principles of zero-waste living:

  • Refuse – Say no to items that will generate waste, such as single-use items or excessive packaging, and refuse to buy and acquire unnecessary items such as clothes or electronics that you don’t necessarily need.
  • Reduce – Minimize your overall consumption and the number of possessions you own. This doesn’t mean disposing of the items you already own. On the contrary, it stands for reducing future overconsumption and acquiring unnecessary items: purchase only what you truly need and value quality over quantity.
  • Reuse or repair – Reusing or repairing plays a key role in this whole process, and it goes from reusing glass jars for storage to repairing that old dishwasher, instead of throwing them away.
  • Recycle – When items cannot be refused, reduced, or reused, recycle them if possible. Learn how the place where you live organizes and manages the recycling process so that you can ensure you do it properly.
  • Rot – Rotting or composing stands for letting nature take its course by allowing biodegradable items, and it involved the decomposition of biodegradable items like food scraps or yard waste. 

Bear in mind that these principles are most effective when combined and applied in the order we presented you.

How are surveys and gift cards with Jagger helping in the process of implementing the zero-waste lifestyle?

Starting a new lifestyle can be hard. So, here is our secret for succeeding: take your time and enjoy the journey. Take one small step at a time: it is better to implement these new habits gradually and embrace them, rather than going fully in for a few weeks and giving up.

Check out these well-known 4 beginner steps to embrace the zero-waste lifestyle:

  1. Reuse water: Did you know that wasted shower water is a thing of the past? So, next time you will be waiting for it to heat up, grab a bucket and collect that precious water, and use it for watering plants, mopping the floor, or flushing the toilet. 
  2. Practice mindful shopping: The trick here is: to plan ahead and only purchase what you need, preferably going for options with minimal plastic packaging – and this goes for groceries, clothes, or technology. But it doesn’t end here, consider reusing shopping bags, boxes, and second clothes as a small step for a great impact.
  3. Say not to impulsive buying: Great promotions from your favorite brands? Purchase only what you truly need, and both the planet and your wallet will thank you.
  4. Recycle everything you can: Trust us, it is easier than you might think, and you can start it today. Recycling isn’t rocket science, so once you learn the basics, you are a step away from joining forces to make our planet greener.
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Remember, Jagger is here to make your life easier in two ways: providing you with a rewards and gift cards, while helping the planet. 

Need some essentials for your starting your zero-waste lifestyle? Then earning gift cards with Jagger come in handy as we partner with some of the world’s biggest brands.

We get it, changing your habits and transitioning to a new lifestyle can be challenging. Don’t worry, that is why we are here to help you by sharing with you full fun articles for you to embrace the zero-waste lifestyle – stay tuned for our following content.

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