January 2024 New Music Album Releases with Your Go-To Rewards App

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January 2024 New Music Album Releases with Your Go-To Rewards App

Unveiling the Beat with Jagger: Your Trusted Rewards App Takes Center Stage

January 2024 is ushering in a wave of musical excitement with a lineup of highly anticipated album releases. Jagger, your goto rewards app, not only keeps you in the loop about these releases but also offers a unique opportunity to earn gift cards for popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Spotify and Best Buy. Let’s dive into the musical extravaganza and discover how Jagger can be your key to unlocking these new album releases.

New Music Dropping January 2024

January 5:

  •    &TEAM – First Howling

January 12:

  •    Kali Uchis – Orquídeas
  •    Hannah Wicklund – The Prize
  •    Magnum – Here Comes the Rain
  •    Marika Hackman – Big Sigh
  •    Nailah Hunter – Lovegaze
  •    21 Savage – American Dream
  •    Kid Cudi – INSANO
  •    Armin van Buuren –  Breathe In

January 19:

  •    Conchúr White – Swirling Violets
  •    Cowboy Sadness – Select Jambient Works Vol. 1
  •    Eddie Berman – Signal Fire
  •    Lizzie No – Halfsies

January 26:

  •    Alkaline Trio – Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs
  •    Benny the Butcher – Everybody Can’t Go
  •    Black Polish – Forest
  •    Courting – New Last Name
  •    Dylan John Thomas – Dylan John Thomas
  •    Future Islands – People Who Aren’t There Anymore

Jagger's Rhythmic Twist: Earn Gift Cards While Tuning In with Your Go-To Rewards App

In the midst of this musical celebration, don’t forget to sync your beats with Jagger, your rewards app companion. By taking surveys and participating in prize draws, you can earn gift cards to popular retailers like Spotify, Walmart, and Best Buy, making these new album releases just a survey away. As you explore the sounds of January 2024, let Jagger amplify your experience with its exciting rewards program.

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Navigating the Musical Landscape with Jagger

As you immerse yourself in the sounds of January 2024, let Jagger be your trusted companion. Navigate the new music landscape, discover your favorite releases, and use Jagger’s rewards to enhance your musical journey. Whether you are a fan of Kali Uchis’s soulful tunes, Kanye West’s groundbreaking collaborations, or the diverse offerings from emerging artists, Jagger ensures that your opinions not only matter but also lead to meaningful rewards.

Jagger: Elevating Your Musical Experience with a Rewards App Symphony

Jagger’s is more than just a rewards app; it operates as a dynamic platform where your voice holds the power to influence consumer brands and contribute to a greener planet. Engage in surveys, express your perspectives in quick polls, and witness the profound impact as each activity not only earns you points and coins but also contributes to the planting of trees.


In the vast landscape of new music releases, let Jagger be your compass, guiding you through the beats and rhythms of January 2024. Download Jagger, take surveys, earn rewards, and let your opinions resonate in the music community.

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