Protect Madagascar Ploughshare Tortoise & Earn Rewards with Jagger

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Protect Madagascar Ploughshare Tortoise & Earn Rewards with Jagger

Protect Madagascar Ploughshare Tortoise & Earn Rewards with Jagger

Have you ever wondered how your opinions could help save a species? Well, buckle up, because with Jagger, you can earn rewards while protecting the Ploughshare Tortoise and fighting deforestation!

The Ploughshare Tortoise: A Unique Treasure of Madagascar

Deforestation remains a pressing issue, with around 10 million hectares of forest lost annually, equating to the size of Portugal every year. Most of this deforestation occurs in the tropics, driven by agricultural expansion and consumer demands in wealthier nations. This ongoing deforestation not only threatens biodiversity but also exacerbates climate change by reducing the planet’s capacity to absorb carbon dioxide.

Unique Habitats and Habits

The Ploughshare Tortoise, also known as the Angonoka tortoise, is one of the most distinctive tortoises in the world, endemic to Madagascar. This species is known for its golden domed shell and its plough-like extension on the front of its shell, which gives it its name. They primarily reside in the dry forests of the Baly Bay area.

These tortoises play a critical role in their ecosystem. As herbivores, they feed on grasses, fruits, and succulent plants, which helps maintain the balance of their habitat. Their grazing patterns promote vegetation growth and soil health, making them vital to the ecosystem’s sustainability.

Conservation Status

Sadly, the Ploughshare Tortoise is listed as Critically Endangered due to severe habitat loss and poaching for the illegal pet trade. Their population has been significantly impacted by deforestation, driven by agriculture and illegal logging. The dry forests of Madagascar, their primary home, have been extensively degraded, putting these tortoises at great risk.

How Jagger Makes a Difference with Rewards with Purpose

Earning Rewards While Supporting Conservation

With Jagger, your voice can make a significant impact. By participating in surveys and polls, you contribute to critical conservation efforts. Each survey you complete helps fund reforestation projects in the habitats of the Ploughshare Tortoise and other endangered species. Imagine planting trees and combating deforestation while earning rewards – how awesome is that?

How to Earn Rewards on Jagger

Earning rewards on Jagger is simple and rewarding. Here’s how you can start earning rewards:

  1. Complete Surveys and Polls: Participate in surveys and polls available on the Jagger app. Each completed survey earns you coins, which are the in-app currency rewards
  2. Weekly Prize Draw: Increase your chances of earning more by participating in our weekly prize draw. Each entry gives you an opportunity to win extra coins. More rewards!
  3. In-App Shop: Use the coins you have earned to purchase gift cards from our in-app shop. This is a great way to get tangible rewards for your contributions to reforestation.

Building a Greener Future Together with Jagger While Earning Rewards

Jagger is not just about earning rewards; it is about making a real difference. Our community-driven approach ensures that every opinion counts towards creating a healthier planet. By using Jagger, you are joining a movement to protect the Ploughshare Tortoise and its fragile habitat. Your participation helps protect their home so they can continue to thrive and contribute to the ecosystem’s health while you earn rewards.

Plant Trees, Save Tortoises, Earn Rewards

Jagger offers you a unique opportunity to earn rewards while making a positive environmental impact. By participating in our surveys and polls, you are directly contributing to the conservation of the Ploughshare Tortoise and fighting deforestation. Together, we can ensure that these incredible tortoises continue to thrive in Madagascar’s dry forests. Rewards with purpose!

Join us on Jagger, where your opinions plant trees, protect wildlife, and help shape a greener future while earning amazing rewards. Download the app today and start making a difference!

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