Earn Rewards for Taking Surveys & Help Save Madagascar's Lemurs

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Earn Rewards for Taking Surveys & Help Save Madagascar's Lemurs

Earn Rewards for Taking Surveys & Help Save Madagascar's Lemurs

Ever wondered how you could make a difference for some of the planet’s most unique creatures where you earn rewards for taking surveys? Let’s dive into the world of Madagascar’s black and white lemurs and discover how your voice with Jagger can help safeguard their future.

What's Up With Black and White Lemurs?

Habitat & Habits

Black and white ruffed lemurs, known scientifically as *Varecia variegata*, are critically endangered beauties native only to Madagascar. They rock the forest with their stunning black and white fur and are famous for their eerie, loud calls that echo through the eastern rainforests of Madagascar. These lemurs are frugivores, feasting mainly on fruits, but they don’t shy away from leaves, nectar, and seeds. What makes them super cool? They are among the world’s largest pollinators, which means as they munch on nectar, They are also giving back to their ecosystem by spreading pollen.

Earn Rewards for Taking Surveys & Help Save Madagascar's Lemurs

Personality & Social Life

These lemurs aren’t just about looks and dining; they have fascinating social structures and demonstrate rare behaviors like female social dominance. Whether it’s securing the best feeding spots or leading group movements with their calls, these lemurs showcase a complex society that’s incredible to learn about. Their societies are fluid, changing size based on resource availability, showing how adaptable and yet vulnerable they can be.

Earn Rewards for Taking Surveys & Help Save Madagascar's Lemurs

Conservation Status

Sadly, their story isn’t all black and white stripes and spooky sounds. Their homes are under threat from deforestation, hunting, and climate change. With habitat loss due to agriculture, logging, and mining, plus their allure as a high-priced bushmeat, these lemurs face a steep uphill battle for survival. Classified as Critically Endangered, the black and white ruffed lemurs need all the help they can get to ensure they don’t fade into the shadows of extinction.

Earn Rewards for Taking Surveys & Help Save Madagascar's Lemurs

Jagger to the Rescue!

Planting Hope with Every Survey

Here’s where you come in! By engaging with Jagger surveys and polls you participate in helps plant trees in regions like Madagascar. Imagine, with just a few clicks, you are contributing to reforestation efforts that provide critical habitat for these unique lemurs. Plus, you are earning rewards and making an impact – how cool is that? And you also earn rewards for taking surveys too.

Your Voice, Their Future

Joining the Jagger community means you are not just sharing your opinion and earning rewards for taking surveys, you are actively participating in a global effort to safeguard the planet’s biodiversity. Every tree planted is a step towards a greener future for lemurs and countless other species relying on Madagascar’s forests.

Planting Seeds of Hope: Your Contribution to Lemur Habitats with Jagger

In the grand scheme of things, every small action counts. By raising your voice with Jagger, you are not just earning rewards; you are contributing to a larger cause – the survival of Madagascar’s black and white lemurs. Let’s stand together for these incredible creatures and ensure their calls continue to haunt the forests they call home. Dive into Jagger, where your opinions plant trees, and together, we can turn the tide for lemurs and our planet.

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